― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Auditions for the Curtain Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare

Summer 2023
directed by Steve Beecroft

All ethnicities and genders encouraged. Some actors will be asked to play more than one role.


Saturday Feb 25th, 11am – 3pm
Old Mill Park Amphitheatre, Mill Valley

Thursday March 2nd, 7-9:30pm
Church of Our Saviour
10 Old Mill St, Mill Valley


Sunday March 5th
Due to inclement weather the callbacks will be held at Church of Our Saviour
Note: New time 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Letter From the Director

Unlike last year’s production of “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” which was little known by most of our audience, thus requiring us to bring them with us into every performance, with Romeo and Juliet we are taking on perhaps Shakespeare’s most popular and often performed play. So, why join the crowd?

One reason is that I have rarely seen a production of this remarkable play which has lived up to its great potential. The language and poetry, of course, are unrivaled in their beauty. The fateful story of the two lovers, while so well known, still draws us desperately into the hope that such passion and love can truly exist. We want to believe it!

But where the productions I have seen have let the play down, in my opinion, is what happens outside of the two lovers. Romeo and Juliet’s relationship blossoms in the midst of a town (one of the most beautiful in all of Italy) that has become completely dysfunctional and is on the verge of anarchy. The hatred and violence between the two gangs representing the houses of Montague and Capulet, is always ready to explode and trample every good thing in its path. Even when they are not present on stage, the sense of danger and darkness is there. The townsfolk are fed up and fearful. The Prince is at his/her wits end trying to keep a lid on top of the pressure cooker. Violence and death seem to lurk around every corner. And it is in this terrible environment that our two heroes meet and fall in love. In my opinion, this contrast needs to be visibly and powerfully evident right from the beginning of the play for their desperate love to reach the true heights it should. Romeo and Juliet in their naïve and wonderful passion and with the power of unbridled hope, dare to cross the barricade. It is a path that leads to tragic consequences, but only after firing a love of such wondrous beauty that it is able to resurrect the wider community of Verona… and lift the hearts of all in the audience.

As director, I think of Verona in this play as a hurricane, roiling and swirling with its angry and unpredictable winds, while at the center is the eye of the storm, the place of light and calm and beauty where Romeo and Juliet live and love. To create this contrast, we need an ensemble with passion and full commitment. Our cast will be larger than in recent shows. Many actors will be asked to perform more than one part. There will be sword fighting, dancing and, yes, we will bring out humor wherever we can to counterbalance the tragedy. We will build characters and their interrelationships early and deeply. Romeo and Juliet are obviously the crucial ones, but there are others that can be explored.

If the thought of being part of this adventure attracts you, come and audition for the Curtain Theatre’s production. It should be fun!!!

Steve Beecroft

For appointment or questions: auditions@curtaintheatre.org
Please use the above email address to send:

  • headshot
  • performance resume
  • roles you are interested in auditioning for
  • date and preferred time for audition


There will be some character sessions in the spring. Full rehearsals start Wednesday 5th of July. Rehearsals will run Tuesday through Thursday evenings at Church of Our Saviour in Mill Valley and weekend late mornings into afternoons on the stage in Old Mill Park in Mill Valley. Only cast members required for particular scenes will be called during the week. All will be called for weekend rehearsals.