I say there is no darkness but ignorance.

― William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

Presenting Our 2021 Season

William Shakespeare’s
Twelfth Night

Come join us!
August 14 to September 6, 2021
Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day Monday
All shows at 2:00 PM
Old Mill Park Amphitheatre | Mill Valley, CA

All Showtimes at 2:00 PM

Saturday, August 14
Sunday, August 15

Saturday, August 21
Sunday, August 22

Saturday, August 28
Sunday, August 29

Saturday, September 4
Sunday, September 5
Labor Day Monday, September 6

Lindsey Abbott, Euan Ashley, Steve Beecroft, Marc Berman, Kim Bromley, Nelson Brown, Heather Cherry, Clara Desmond, Isabelle Grimm, Glenn Havlan,
Emmet Kalish, Nic Moore, Tom Reilly, Faryn Thomure, Michael Walraven, Grey Wolf.

Directed by Michele Delattre

Costume design: Jo Lusk
Costume assistant: Jody Branham
Set design: Steve Coleman
Music director: Don Clark
Dance and fight choreography: Steve Beecroft
Band: Don Clark, Michele Delattre, Hal Hughes, Jo Lusk

Front of House: Nic Meredith
Stage Manager: Diane Pickell-Gore:
Asst Stage Manager: Lisa Immel
Dramaturge: Peter Bradbury

  • A comic kitchen gang eavesdrops on the arrogant steward Malvolio

    Grey Wolf (as Malvolio), Lindsey Abbot (as Fabian), Glen Havlan (as Sir Toby Belch), Steve Beecroft (as Sir Andrew Aguecheek)

  • A horrified Countess Olivia is confronted by her steward Malvolio in a moment of madness.

    Faryn Thomure (as Olivia), Grey Wolf (as Malvolio)

  • The comic kitchen staff plots to arrange an unlikely duel between two cowards.

    Kim Bromley (as Maria), Glenn Havlan (as Sir Toby Belch), Lindsey Abbot (as Fabian)

  • A drunken Sir Toby Belch hoodwinks his foolish companion, Sir Andrew Aguecheek.

    Glen Havlan (as Sir Toby Belch), Steve Beecroft (as Sir Andrew Aguecheek)

  • Lady Olivia’s Fool, Feste, argues with her housekeeper, Maria.

    Heather Cherry (as Feste), Kim Bromley (as Maria)

  • The comic kitchen gang indulges in some musical caterwauling late at night.

    Clara Desmond (as Nan), Lindsey Abbot (as Fabian), Tom Reilly as the Priest, Steve Beecroft (as Sir Andrew Aguecheek), Heather Cherry (as Feste)


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SETS & COSTUMES – Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club
COSTUMES – Tianna Wimmer and Warren Leiden
PROPERTIES – Colin and Silvana Wong

Mill Valley Arts Commission
Mill Valley Parks and Recreation Department
Mill Valley Department of Public Works
Church of Our Savior in Mill Valley
UBS matching funds
Davis Charitable Giving Account Fund
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